• /////// your brand - our ideas
    A fully integrated, brand design and creative digital communications agency. What a mouthful right? Let’s break that down; we take full control over your brand, how it’s physically perceived and create a digital presence.
    We won't leave you in the dark...
  • /////// our branding methods

    We create innovative and profitable customer experiences through our expertise in brand design.

    brand (a)ction ///

    A solid brand strategy encapsulates the personality of your company and provides a clear plan as to how you will transmit this personality to your customers and other stakeholders. This includes your brand identity, brand expression and brand application.

    brand (b)elief ///

    Your brand identity is much more than a logo: it's the colour and packaging, the space in which you deliver your services and products - whether physical or virtual; it's the definition and essence. It's about focusing in on what's special about your company and communicating it effectively so it stands out against competitors and appealingly to your customers.

    brand (c)ulture ///

    When you've got a solid business proposition and identity – your customers will experience your brand. A company's culture and its company brand are really just two sides of the same coin. The brand may lag in culture at first, but eventually it will catch up. Your culture is your brand and we could be your brand agency /// call us today.

  • /////// so what do we actually do?

    Our services ///

    Brand Platform, Identity Systems & Positioning

    Ad Management & Placement

    Multimedia & PR Campaign

    Full Service Social Media Management


    We create stuff: brand identity and brand building through print, motion graphics, film, video, web, and digital media.

    By offering big agency expertise and service at affordable rates, we work with your marketing directors and brand managers to make sure the ethos of your brand is never diluted and that you’ll stand out for all of the right reasons.

    We build brand cultures, generating energy, involvement and commitments. We map future potential, linking consumer dreams with actual behaviour.

  • /////// our head honchos
    • Hilton Rose
    • Jono Wegerle
      Managing Director
    • Phele Mdabe
      Head of
      Brand Design
    • Candice Coetzer
      Head of
      Client Service & Operations
    • Puledi Thepa
      Head of
      Media & Content
    • Andrew Timberlake
      Head of
    • Reza Rose
      Head of
      Finance & Business Management
    • Calvin da Silva
      Key Relationship Manager